Role of the CFF Coach
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Image by I'll Never Grow Up
You may be wondering what it is my job is and what I could do to help you. Another CFF Coach came up with this list that I'd like to share with you.

Some ways you might "use" me:
  • Generate Ideas and Curriculum Connections - Not sure where to start? Invited me into your classroom just to watch you teach. This will get "the wheels turning" and I can begin to identify technologies that will fit your teaching style and connect with your curriculum.
  • Co-Plan - Let me help you plan lessons that incorporate technology. If you're not sure how technology might benefit your students or enhance a lesson, I can do the research and bring you some suggestions. I can help you identify what will work, help you learn how to use it, and then help set-up a lesson or unit plan.
  • Research - Curious about a new technology you've read about or how technology might enhance a concept in your curriculum? Wondering how you might spice up a lesson, but short on time to find new ideas? Let me do the research for you. I have access to technology facilitators all around the country and tons of ideas from teachers around the globe. I can compare different approaches, troubleshoot, work out the kinks, and bring you the best options for your classroom.
  • Co-Teach - After co-planning a lesson, I can help you in the classroom. It always helps to have an extra techer in the room when using technology. I can teach part of the lesson, instruct students on the use of technologies, or just be there for support as needed.
  • Personal Training - Want some help with designing a Wiki, making your flipcharts more interactive, using response devices, learning a software program? Let's schedule some time together. I know we are all at different levels, so no request is too simple or complex!

As always, I look forward to working with you!